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Superior Quality Craftsmanship

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Sunset Decks & Outdoor Living specializes in both building and designing decks and porches. Whether you are looking for a small, well-designed front landing or a large backyard deck with all the features for hosting family and friends, Sunset Decks & Outdoor Living has you covered! We use the latest architectural software to design you a deck or porch that fits your specific project, allowing you to see your future deck before it is even built!


Why choose Sunset Decks & Outdoor Living? We have 25 years of construction experience in the greater NJ area! Our skilled craftsmen have advanced experience building to NJ state and local code regulations, making sure your project will be fully code compliant! However, at Sunset Decks we like to say we don’t just build to code, we build ABOVE code, making sure your deck or porch will last for decades!


Sunset Decks &Outdoor Living uses the highest quality materials for our projects to make sure your deck or porch will be built to last! We use #1 grade lumber for substructures, and either pressure treated lumber, or composite alternatives for decking.


When our builders are finished, there is no need to worry about clean up! Our builders are professionals, and will take care to ensure that when their truck leaves, your deck or porch is ready to host all your friends and family to celebrate the new outdoor extension of your living space! Call for a free estimate today!

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